Friday, November 20, 2009

Indicative of

So let me tell you about my stick-to-it-iveness (sticktoitiveness? sp??) and, no, I'm actually not going to just make the blanket comment that it sucks. That would be too easy, and also not accurate, bc I'm veritably obsessive about certain things. Like running. Oh, running. Running is like meth to me. Except that I don't get all krayzee and my teeth don't fall out. And yet, it's still extraordinarily addictive. So maybe it's more like really good weed to me, since I sometimes feel like it makes me stupider.
Anywho, so I'm very inconsistent in my commitment to things. I'm also sort of all over the place mentally lately, with lately referring to possibly the past 6 years of my life. You know how some people focus on their career, and then lament that they've neglected their personal life? And how other people channel all of their energy into their family and, later, regret not developing their career? Well, I've focused on neither my career nor my family and have discovered, for the benefit of all, that when you do so you end up with neither enviable career nor gorgeous family. I'm not quite sure exactly WHAT I have. I have a lot of stuff. I have a cool, wonderful dog (and, yes, I pretend she's my daughter, don't give me that look.) I can turn myself out rather well when necessary. I've taken decent care of myself; I'm fit and strong and look younger than I am. But as for real, substantive things - I come up lacking. And here it is Thanksgiving again...