Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wha wha?

What? I have a blog? Stop it! Who knew? Obviously not me, at least not for the past, what, six months? It was a chor to log in, that's telling right there.
So today is October 27, 4 days before Halloween. And exactly a month before my birthday. As good a day as any. I think I'm going to try forcing myself to write something five days a week. Length need not matter - that's how I'm going to make it as enticing and torture-free as possible to myself. What a pallaver! What a treat!
Oh hey, remember how I was going to go into physical therapy? Like many moons ago? Well, I'm still in it. I'm totally addicted - not to say it's not doing oodles of good for me, because it truly is. It helps that I adore everyone at the PT place. So I'm just going with it, enjoying a little nice company while I do some stretches and roll a ball up and down a wall with my face. And maybe some day I can stop being a hunch-backed, twisted freak.

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