Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ab Don't

So this story starts out with me watching infommercials. At the nail salon. Because they're two lovely plasmas (or LCDs, or whatevers) were both tuned in to the hour (plus?) long Ab-Doer infommercial channel. Natch what I expect to be viewing as I sit in the surprisingly brutal massage chair and have yet another shade of taupe applied to my toenails.
Anywho, this thing's been around for years and we've all seen it ( It's an exercise "device" designed to "target" the general abdominal region. Lo these many years that I've been laboring under the impression that the name, "Ab-doer" referenced the fact that it "do" your "abs." (Quotation signs reaching potentially lethal levels of saturation - awesome.) NOW I learn that the "inventor" of the Ab-doer is, in fact, one Mister John Abdo. Um, wha WHA? Which begs the inevitable question; did he name his invention after himself? Or did he legally change his name to mark the historic event? File under things that make you go hmmm, though there are too many to number...

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