Thursday, July 8, 2010

No better time to start

Please note that I started mentally typing this first sentence at least twelve times - each time with the word 'try' qualifying it in some respect. Apparently I'm already providing myself with an 'out.' How spineless must I be? So here I am physically forcing myself to not just 'try.'
So today I decided to start living my life like my life story. Although this has a very clear meaning in my own head, I'm not quite sure how to explain it to anyone else without sounding completely unstable. Suffice it to say that one thing that it definitely means is that I'm going to be doing this (makes emphatic shaking gesture with hands in air) a lot more often. This blog thing. Or at least making a concerted effort to do so. (Aaaaand there's the 'try' disclaimer.)
What I'd like to see happen (apparently now I am addressing concerned parents in a parent/teacher conference,) is this taking the place of my AM Farmville chores, which are my second largest time-suck when at work. It's mildly disturbing how one can become so duty-bound an imaginary farm. Also humiliating to admit in any sort of public setting. "Yes, we are neighbors in Farmville but ne'er shall we speak of it in polite company." Except the two neighbors you have who constantly want to discuss it. ("Have you finished building your Japanese barn yet???") And the one coworker you have who wants to discuss it even though you keep conveniently neglecting to add her as a friend despite repeated entreaties. I mean, hey, we all need more neighbors but one has to draw a line somewhere.

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