Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More momentousness!

Today, I've set aside an entire day to pack. Because tomorrow, I leave for London where I'll spend the next 5 days and from there I'll be on my way to New Zealand, and then on to Hawaii. It's the trip of a lifetime. I've planned out all sorts of mandatory, touristy stuff but also plenty of off-the-beaten path thisandthat and a sizeable share of downtime to just breath in the far-awayness of the place. I can't wait. Um, haha! Just kidding! I'm not going anywhere. LEAST of all anywhere interesting and global and all. Dude, I don't even have my PASSPORT. The last time I left the country, (hello, spring break in Cancun! Rad!) I used my birth certificate to gain re-entry into my homeland.
Nope, sorry. My dog, however, did pull my mattress nearly all the way off of the bed, shredding my sheets in the process. Smart dog left bored at home for too long, that's what that reeks of. And this is why we're starting doggy junior college tonight.

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